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Welcome to my blog, I will attempt to keep this posted with the current goings-on in the Church each day, and respond to what may come my way. Please understand the difference between when I discuss dogma or things that are Church teaching and my personal opinion, which- thank God- is not official Church teaching. I hope to debunk lies, heresies, and mysteries of the Catholic Church and the world we live in. Pray that this may be for His Glory and the furtherment of the Kingdom here on earth that is Holy Mother Church!

Monday, June 20, 2011

NFP Goodness

NFP has been one of those things, so to speak, that I haven't fully yet been able to know a great deal about. If your like me, I understood why contraception is wrong and why NFP is right (if done with proper intentions), but didn't still fully understand the methods of practicing NFP. Thankfully, a good friend of mine and third-year Theology student at St. Mary's-Houston/ Seminarian of the Diocese of Ft. Worth, Khoi Tran, has written an excellent analysis and overview of not only the theology, but the most effective methods used in practicing NFP.

It's difficult to read on his blog, but just copy and paste the text into Word to make it easier. Probably the most concise twelve-page thesis I've ever read, yet containing an abundance of theology and bio-ethic knowledge.


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